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You wish to learn French or to improve your French knowledge and would like to learn quickly to communicate confidently in the language. You only have a couple of weeks or several months at your disposal. We at LA FONDATION commit ourselves to high quality teaching and service. Not only do we provide efficient, effective training in a friendly atmosphere, but we are also here for you to advise and guide you throughout.

The French Language and Culture Institute " LA FONDATION" located at Jaipur is a registered institute that specializes in teaching French to Indian students, is located at Durgapura, Jaipur. .

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  • Mohit Dinodia
    "Probably the best dedicated language learning centre of the region with the professor having a wealth of experience and knowledge in the area."

  • Shruti Saxena
    "The best institute to prepare for french language exams...excellent teaching by Ravi sir "

  • Arpit Dubey
    "Be a "francophone" with Ravi Sir@ La Fondation...elsewhere is a compromise...and in the end you'll come to Ravi Sir only "

  • Praveen Gothecha
    "The best career oriented institute in Rajasthan for all level of French language examination . Highly best of luck to Prof. Ravi Datt Sharma. The grading is up to 5 Stars only , but for the LA FONDATION , No stars limit "

  • Nishaan Gill
    "La Fondation is the best institute to learn French language in Rajasthan.

    About La Fondation:

    When I first arrived at this institute (Feb 2016), I had no background of French language whatsoever. But it didn't take me too long to start loving the language and it's finer nuances. The credit goes to teaching methodologies of M. Ravi Datt Sharma (The Director of La Fondation). He introduced French language to me not only as another subject to study but as a way of life and a mix of cultural elements. We had a small batch of 6 well-qualified professionals who had a special zeal to learn the language. Since, it was a small group hence there was more individual attention for each student. The "shared learning experience" in the class paved the way for quick progress for everyone. However, all 4 areas of language were covered extensively but there was special emphasis by Ravi Sir on developing the life skills (speaking & listening). In addition to that, we had numerous LIVE interactive sessions with various native French speakers every now and then which really helped honing the life skills.

    We followed books which are currently being taught in French schools (so that we are at par with global standards of the French language). Also, a vast pool of preparation material was made available to us before the final exam which really helped.

    About Ravi Sir:

    He is clearly a very experienced French teacher, with an open and relaxed teaching style that really puts you at ease. I particularly like the fact that he uses a range of different teaching methods, including practical activities, tasks and exercises, which really help to make learning enjoyable and bring it to life. He is also very good at developing students' knowledge and speaking ability over time – building on what's been covered in previous sessions and consolidating what you're covered before. One of the things that really sets Ravi Sir apart is the creativity that he brings to teaching French. The core of his teaching style is development of concepts (grammar, vocabulary etc). I'd have no hesitation in even saying that just reading Ravi Sir's notes can bring you great results in the language overall.

    My result:

    I took admission in A-1 level in Feb 2016 and appeared for the exam in June 2016. I topped Alliance Français de Chandigarh with 98% marks. The credit for my success fully lies with Ravi Sir. Currently, I'm pursuing A-2 level and I am sure of repeating my success.

    I strongly recommend La Fondation to all the aspiring candidates who are looking for learning French for widening their work/study opportunities in future. "

  • Chinmay Gothecha
    "LA FONDATION is a best destination to learn French language for career opportunities "

  • Pankaj Kumar
    "Best institute to learn French language for career opportunities."

  • Sonia Wadhwani
    La France est un pays incroyable, et récemment j'ai eu l'occasion de visiter ce pays grâce à <>.:) J'ai eu une expérience inoubliable avec mes collègues et mon professeur M. Ravi Datt Sharma. Nous avons visité Angers et Paris. A Angers, j'ai été chaleureusement accueilli par la famille d'accueil et j'ai eu l'occasion de rester avec eux pendant 6 jours. Je me suis entretenu avec des peuples français, et cela m'a donne une grande opportunité pour améliorer mon niveau de la langue française. L'expérience de suivre des cours à l'université était unique et informatif tout en enseignant à l'école secondaire a été extraordinaire. La visite à Briollay a été informée que j'appris sur les différents types de vin. Je goûtais les différents types de cuisines françaises qui ont goûté merveilleux. A Paris, il était comme un rêve devenu réalité, quand je voyais la Tour Eiffel scintiller . Nous avons aussi visité le Musée du Louvre, la Seine, le Sacré Cœur et l'avenue des Champs-Élysées. La quantité d'énergie que les peuples de la France avaient, m'a vraiment impressionné. Ce voyage m'a aidé à acquérir les connaissances françaises culturelles et sentimentales. Il est impossible d'oublier les 10 jours passés en France. Jusqu'à présent, il a été le voyage le plus mémorable de ma vie. Je tiens à remercier M. Ravi, M.Kedar et M. Manish pour ses efforts. C'était comme un miracle pour moi. :D

  • Honey Sharma
    Mon expérience en FRANCE fut LA plus belle de toutes,au point de vue académique aussi bien que culturel....qui apporta beaucoup à mes connaissances.L'étiquette française ,LA culture, LA langue et l'attitude sont si bonnes et aimables que toute ma vie je conserverai le souvenir de ce séjour comme un trésor. LA première chose que je voudrais mentionner est que LA FONDATION m'a aidé de plus d'une façon .je veux remercier à Mr Ravidatt Sharma qui a vraiment aidé à faire réaliser mes rêves.Les cours à l'université et au lycée,Les visites etaient extraordinaires,sur le plan académique et autrment.J'ai eu l'opportunité de rester avec une famille française et de cuisiner le repas indien...ils sont gentils. Quant à moi , j ai aimé leur compagnies et moi j ai beaucoup amélioré mon niveau aussi .Il y a tellement de choses à dire󾰀😇 mais il faut m arrêter󾰀󾰀 Alors.....j ai aimé chaque minute de mon séjour en FRANCE ,grâce à LA FONDATION ...MR RAVI ....MR KEDAR et MR MANISH qui ont bien organisé nos journées. Et MA FAMILLE ....merci a tous.... .....󾌬󾌧󾌰󾌰

  • Christian Guillemot
    Tous nos compliments et tous nos voeux chaleureux pour le succès de "La Fondation". Ravi est un professeur hors pair et nous souhaitons que beaucoup d'étudiants puissent profiter de son excellent enseignement et de son engagement au service de la langue et de la culture françaises. Bravo! Ravi a notre admiration et notre profonde affection.

  • Juhi Khanna
    "I spent my most beautiful days of my life in La Fondation while getting excellent knowledge of french language. "

  • Simran Kaul
    "Its very nice experience with La Fondation. It give us not only the grammatical knowledge of language but also give the deep knowledge about culture which is very helpful for enhancing our communication skill. "

  • Arpit Jain
    " The best and most organized French classes in pink city Jaipur this institute taught me not only French language but also the information about culture and political situation in France this institute had the best faculty in this country we had also regular interaction with French peoples it had made my career and made my life.This institute gives me also the chance to visit the France. this institute gives me a lot of job opportunity..it made my life. "

  • Aditya
    "LA fondation ,a institute of clashing two culture where gan ga and seine river meets together .find very different from others the best place to learn French language . "

  • Sagar
    "Top organization for French culture in jaipur ,classes programming and great location near durgapura station and director is passionate and motivated, smart, and hard-working.... "

  • Sagar
    "Amazing institute when I visit la foundation,I find the real french learning process in different manner and the director MR. Ravi datt sharma is an amazing personality wh0 inspire me not only to learn languages but he give me the knowledge to succeed in Delf exam .Thanks la foundation who nurture french culture in me and my soul as well... "



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